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Dual Currency Product = Potential opportunities

  • Dual currency investment
  • Potentially higher returns compared to a fixed deposit
  • Wide selection of currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & XAU

What is a Dual Currency Product?

  • Dual currency investment involves a currency option which gives the bank the right to repay your principal and interest earned in either the base currency or the alternate currency.
  • A part or all of the interest that you earn represents the premium that the bank pays you for the currency option

Is Dual Currency Product for you?

When investing in a Dual Currency Product, timing, choice of currencies and your personal investment preferences are all crucial. You might find a Dual Currency Product particularly suited to you:

  • If you are indifferent to the two currencies chosen.
  • In other words, you are comfortable receiving your money in either the base or the alternate currency.
  • If you wish to hold on to a particular currency that is weakening.
  • By investing in this currency in a Dual Currency Product, you may earn a potentially higher interest, plus you may also have a good chance of receiving your money back in the same currency.
  • If you have the view that the exchange rate between the two currencies you have chosen appears to be stable.
  • In this case, the limited exchange rate movement between the currencies will help to improve your interest differential gains.

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